Complete Claims Service

The Independent Adjusting Company that Completes your Field Inspection Needs

From our early beginnings, Complete Claims Service has been a successful family-owned and operated business in New York. Our professional office staff and over 40 field appraisers are proud to assist with your insurance claims needs.

We specialize in providing comprehensive and accurate insurance claims adjustment services to policyholders and insurance carriers throughout the region.

Large national companies do not provide the personal service you require. We are a family-owned company that provides the personal attention you need.


A: An independent adjusting company, also known as independent claims adjusting company, is a third-party organization that provides claims adjustment services on behalf of insurance companies or self-insured entities.

A: An independent adjusting company primarily works for insurance companies or self-insured entities. However, in some cases, they may also provide services to other organizations or individuals, such as law firms, government agencies, or private companies, that require the expertise of claims adjusters.

A: An independent insurance claims agency typically employs licensed and certified claims adjusters who are responsible for inspecting damages for insurance claims. These adjusters are trained and experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in the insurance industry and skilled in assessing damages, estimating repair costs, and negotiating settlements.

A: No, an unlicensed person cannot legally settle an insurance claim on behalf of an insurance company or policyholder. In most jurisdictions, insurance adjusters must be licensed by the state to practice and settle claims.

A: No, an independent insurance company is not owned by an insurance company. Independent insurance companies are privately-owned businesses that operate independently of any particular insurance carrier or company.

A: Independent adjusting companies typically get paid on a fee-for-service basis. They charge a fee for their services, which is typically a percentage of the total claim amount or a flat fee, agreed upon by the insurance carrier or policyholder.

A: No, an independent insurance company does not write checks or pay claims. Independent insurance companies act as intermediaries between insurance carriers and policyholders, providing insurance products, advice, and support to customers.

A: Complete Claims Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please head to our contact page to get in touch with our office manager to discuss available openings.

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